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The Mindfulness Based Coaching Co. was launched after a conversation at a coffee shop.  Like most new ventures, we relied heavily on intuition and trust to get the ball rolling.  The mission of the mbcc.com.au is to contribute to the development of the field of mindfulness team coaching in companies and organizations.  We are based on authenticity,. meaningfulness and recruiting the power of coaching at a team level to transform management of companies.

Through the creation of content such as podcasts, blogs, webinars, resources, and discussion boards, Mindfulness Based Coaching Co seeks to support new and experienced team coaches to take their coaching practices to the next level.  This is something entirely new to Australian Life Coaching and something we approach with great humility and patience.

The MBCC views “Mindfulness Team Coaching” as an under-explored and under-developed niche area within the larger field of business and executive coaching.

It has been said that: “Mindfulness Team coaching is distinct from individual coaching because in team coaching, the team as a whole is the client and collective performance is the goal, versus the individual focus of one-on-one mindfulness coaching.”

Mindfulness Team coaching is quite distinct from team training or team building.  While team coaching may incorporate training and team building as part of its process, what differentiates mindfulness team coaching is that the team coach provides a supportive context to both support and challenge a group to grow and increase performance over time. All based on staying in touch with mindfulness.  Mindfulness Team coaching is more of a process that can lead to sustainable change and performance at the group level in much the same way that one-to-one coaching affects such change at the individual level.

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